At Crime Time Games, we currently have two case files for you to solve with varying difficulty.


                                                                  "The M25 Serial Killer"

When several women are found murdered under similar circumstances all within several miles off the M25, it soon becomes clear that a serial killer has turned the M25 into his own killing playground, complete the interactive tasks and help Detective Anderson find the killer. this game consists of 9 murders, 10+ pieces of evidence and 9 interactive tasks which have a medium/hard difficulty rating. Tasks include - UV lights, Codes & Ciphers to break and much more. 


"The Gin & Go Cold Case"

After 2 university students are murdered whilst working part time in a 24 hour off license, Detective Anderson tries to hunt down the killers, but after many false leads the case goes cold, work your way through the [police case file and complete the interactive tasks to help detective Anderson find the killer. this case consists of 2 murders, 4+ pieces of evidence and 4 interactive tasks which have a easy/medium difficulty rating. Tasks include - Fingerprint Analysis, UV lights and much more.


Visit the shop and place your order then take your time working through the police case file. Whether playing alone, in a group or if you are hosting a games night, you're guaranteed to have a great experience either way.