Suggestions & Tips

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All our case files come in chronological order as we personally think this is the best way to go about solving the case. Work your way through each case file whilst checking the evidence and take as many notes as possible.

There are several different techniques you will need to use depending on the case you are trying to solve. These techniques range from translating different languages, plotting coordinates on a map and cracking codes and ciphers, all of which the use of the internet will be  helpful.

The M25 serial killer chronological orders of deaths

  • Ms Jill Headley

  • Miss Kristal Booth

  • Ms Kim Booth

  • Miss Alvia Booth

  • Ms Tina Henson

  • Miss Sophie Bennigton

  • Miss Gemma Seele

  • Mrs Jennifer Malory

  • Miss Brandi Levitt

​The Gin&Go cold case killer chronological orders of deaths

  • Aaron Witt 

  • Abbie Greer

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